Save Money and Energy

Simply replace your old incandesant bulbs with State of the Art LEDs

Techno Solve is a Canadian company offering quality products at competitive prices!

Why LED lighting?

  • Energy saving
  • Long Life up to 50,000 hours
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low heat
  • Bright
  • Easy to Instal
  • Durable
hot vs cool

What do I need to install LED lights?

Simply replace your exisisting incandesant bulbs with the appropriate LED. The only thing to watch for is making sure polorized lights are lined up with the correct pole. If the light won't turn on , simply remove the LED turn it and reinstall. It's that easy. Save your old bulbs in case you decide to trade in your RV or trailer.

Lights available in Pure White, Natural White or Warm White.

light colours

What light can replace the bulbs I have now? Click here

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